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FACT: U.S. government and independent reporting agencies claim that up to 79% of ALL credit reports contain false records.*

* Source: The National Association of Public Interest Research Groups

Each year, people are turned down for hundreds of millions of dollars in credit, because of misplaced, out of date,
or just plain wrong information on their personal finances.

Our mission:

100% accuracy in all credit reporting.

We understand that this is an impossible goal, but to paraphrase a classic quote,
a company’s reach should exceed its grasp.

Don't ask your credit card for a refund quite yet! Get your money faster

Often times a customer will use a credit card company as an intermediary to request that a merchant pays to the customer a charge that is disputed on a credit card statement. There are several reason an individual may request this. For example, a person may request a refund through a credit card company if he or she ordered from a store and never received the product, and after he or she contacted the company they ordered from and requested a replacement and still did not receive the product.

Some people request a refund because they feel like the product they ordered did not meet the standards they were looking for, and even after they have spoken with the company that charged them, they still cannot get an item that is right for them. People may also request a refund if they find charges on their credit card and there is no way to contact the company that charged them and no way to cancel.

But a refund through a credit card company is not always the best course of action to take. There are many things that people can do rather than request a refund on their credit card that will result in getting their money faster.

Below is a list of some of the steps you may want to take if you ever find yourself in this situation:

Contact the company that charged you

The fastest way to get your money back is to have the company that charged you refund it. That should be your first stop. Most of the time a brief discussion with the company will clear things up. This almost always works for Generally it is pretty easy to get in touch with that company, since their telephone number is most likely to be listed to the right of the charge on your credit card statement (if it is toll free, it very well might start with an 8, since many toll-free numbers start with an 8, such as 800, 855, 866,and 888 numbers). toll free number is 888-490-0810. This will work if you want to cancel as well.

Go to the website

Most every company is on the internet these days, so the company's contact information should be on their website. This is certainly true at Sometimes if the website is not posted on the credit card statement charge, you might be able to add “.com” to the product name and find it that way.

Try other places online

If for some reason you cannot find a company’s website, then search for them online. The internet can be a very powerful tool for this. Even if you search phone book websites you may find what you are looking for. The facebook page for is another good way to get in touch.

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